Cover Osteuropa 3-5/2018

In Osteuropa 3-5/2018

Central Europe in a trap
On the misalliance with the EU

György Schöpflin

Deutsche Fassung


Western Europe is characterised by the hegemony of a quasi-fundamentalist form of liberalism, which is being asserted by a supra-state elite with the aid of a deterministic view of history and of so-called ‘human rights’. This leads to tensions with the central European states. The societies in this region have experienced a different history, one of suppression and forced modernisation. This trauma is being repeated; once again, the hope for a revival of the free nation has not been fulfilled, and once again, the democratically elected governments are having to defend them-selves against changes that are being forcibly imposed from the outside.

(Osteuropa 3-5/2018, pp. 323–350)