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The Baltic Sea Gas Pipeline
A Transnational Infrastructure Project as Touchstone for International Environ-mental Standards

Jochen Lamp

Deutsche Fassung


The Baltic Sea gas pipeline as planned by the company Nord Stream is not only politically controversial. It is also an environmental challenge. Environmental damage can result from crossing protected area or producing major changes in the seabed. The risk of sites contaminated by munitions and chemicals on the floor of the Baltic See has also yet to be clarified. Before the construction of the pipeline, a cross-border environmental impact assessment is to be carried out according to the Espoo Convention. This process will provide a high degree of transparency. Whether the results of the study will be comprehensible and eventual environmental objections will lead to consequences remains open. There is reason for scepticism, since supply lines and production works for the pipeline are already being built even though the environmental report has yet to be submitted.

(Osteuropa 4-5/2008, pp. 383–392)