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The Europe beyond Europe
Outer border, Inner Limits

336 pp.
Price: 10,00 €
ISBN: 978-3-8305-1432-9


The Europe beyond Europe

Karl Schlögel
Archipelago Europe

Regine Dehnel
Perpetrators, Victims, and Art
The National Socialists’ Campaign of Pillage

Dorothea Redepenning
Ricorda cosa ti hanno fatto in Auschwitz
Music against violence and war

Georg Vobruba
Expansion without Enlargement
Europe’s Dynamism and the EU’s Neighbourhood Policy

Arkadij Mošes
In Search of Priorities
The EU, Russia, and Their Neighbours

Kirsten Westphal
Liberalized, Monopolized, Fixated
Antinomies of the European Energy Market

Jiří Vykoukal
Fusion or Fission?
Concepts of Central Europe and regional integration