Titelbild Digest /2005

Sketches of Europe
Old Lands, New Worlds

Digest /2005
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Manfred Sapper, Volker Weichsel
Sketches of Europe

Karl Schlögel
The Futility of one Professor’s Life
Otto Hoetzsch and German Russian Studies

Boris Dubin
Virtual Europe and the other Europe
The global and the local in East European intellectuals’ identity

Stefan Auer
Revolutions for Europe
The Legacy of 1989

Tomas Venclova
An Initiation to Europe
Joseph Brodsky’s Königsberg Poems

Dorothea Redepenning
Russian Content in a European Form
The Dialogue of Cultures in Music

Egbert Jahn
On the Phenomonology of Mass Extermination in Europe
A Comparative Perspective on the Holodo-mor

Georg Vobruba
Europe Reaches Its Limits
From Dynamic Expansion to Differentiated Integration

Elmar Rieger
Welfare for Farmers?
The Eastern Enlargement of the EU Com-mon Agricultural Policy

Roland Götz
Russia and Europe’s Energy Supply

Andrzej Szromnik, Dominika Woźny, Rolf Spannagel, Uwe Christian Täger
Trade in Central Europe
Cash and Carry Wholesale Trade in Poland