Cover Osteuropa 12/2020

In Osteuropa 12/2020

Russia: “No entry”!
The state, the law and arbitrary power

Lukas Latz

Deutsche Fassung


Russia is in the habit of issuing travel bans. It is not publicly known how often such bans are imposed every year. They affect academics, journalists, human rights campaigners and leaders of religious communities. The FSB, the state secret service, plays a key role in the imposition of the travel bans. The official reason given is that the people affected pose a threat to Russia’s national security. In some cases, this risk must be of monstrous proportions. For example, the German ethnologist Johannes Rohr, who has been conducting research on indigenous peoples, has been prohibited from entering Russia until 2069.

(Osteuropa 12/2020, pp. 41–58)