Cover Osteuropa 5/2009

In Osteuropa 5/2009

The Europeanisation of Moldova
A Strategy for Solving the Transnistria Conflict

Vlad Kulminski, Hans Martin Sieg

Deutsche Fassung


After the disputed parliamentary elections in April 2009, Moldova is at a crossroads. The regime is under pressure at home and abroad. This indirectly strengthens Moscow and Tiraspol’s position in the conflict over Transnistria. But their interests are diverging. For economic reasons, the European Union is becoming more attractive to Transnistria. The upcoming transfer of power there could slip beyond Moscow’s control. Moldova’s previous negotiating strategy has led to a dead end. The alternative lies in a long-term strategy of Europeanisation, which would also inevitably change Russia’s and Transnistria’s interests.

(Osteuropa 5/2009, pp. 17–28)