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Intermediary between Worlds
Shimshon Rosenbaum: Lawyer, Zionist and Politician

Eglė Bendikaitė

Deutsche Fassung


Shimshon Rosenbaum (1859–1934) grew up in a Lithuanian-Jewish community in what is now Belarus. As a lawyer and politician, he campaigned throughout his life for Jewish rights. He worked in Minsk, Vilnius (Vil’na), and Kaunas (Kovno), and in independent Lithuania, he served first as deputy foreign minister and then as minister for Jewish affairs. A moderate Zionist, he maintained contacts with Jews around the world and tried to modernise East European Jewry. Disappointed by growing antisemitism in Europe, he immigrated to Palestine in 1924. There, he remained active on behalf of Lithuania as that country’s general consul in Tel Aviv.

(Osteuropa 8-10/2008, pp. 295–302)

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