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In Osteuropa 6/2008

From Lemberg to L’viv
Conflict over Memory in a City on the Border

Delphine Bechtel

Deutsche Fassung


Throughout its history, L’viv has belonged to different empires. Its multi-ethnic population consisted primarily of Poles, Jews, and Ukrainians. Western historians and émigrés romanticise the city as a multi-cultural metropolis. In fact – whether under Polish rule, during Nazi occupation, or in the Soviet Union, or nowadays as the centre of western Ukraine – the city has always been the site of aggressive identity policies that excluded segments of the population. A differentiated appraisal of the past is not taking place. The local elites are engaged in a politics of memory in which dubious traditions of the Ukrainian nationalist movement are being exalted, and the Jews and the Poles are being eliminated for a second time.

(Osteuropa 6/2008, pp. 211–228)