Cover Osteuropa 4/2007

In Osteuropa 4/2007

Russia’s Will to World Power
Autocracy, Energy, Ideology

Lilija Ševcova

Deutsche Fassung


Russia ’s foreign policy resembles a zigzag course. The Kremlin’s policy moves between cooperation and confrontation, the West is simultaneously partner and opponent. Despite common economic interests, differences in values are becoming clearer. Their agendas collide above all in the post-Soviet space. Increasingly, Russia and the West imitate “strategic partnership”. The fault for this is the consolidation of bureaucratic authoritarianism under Putin and the lack of coherence in Western policy. To create a stable partnership, it is necessary for the United States to turn back from its drive for a hegemony based on military strength and for Russia to make the transition to democratic standards.

(Osteuropa 4/2007, pp. 33–52)